Music For Spiderbots


A – “Seeds”
1.Meta Mazurka • 2.May • 3.Unicode Try Again • 4.On A Short Dole • 5.Backlink Sundays

B – “The Crawl Frontier”
6.Matrix Move • 7.Bomb • 8.The Big List • 9.Aspirin Superroot • 10.Mellon Head

C – “Oh No! My Lexical Analyzer Has Crashed”
11.Blue Room Discovery • 12.New Frau, Breadth First • 13.To August

In Stereo. Total Running Time of 30:27

All songs written & performed by Ezraz (except “Bomb” which features Jaimeson Lowell & Jesus Irizarry).

Recorded & Produced by The Flux-adel Recording Division, Northside USA.

Mastered by Dave Davis @ The All Night Party.

©2011 Collinwood Sun Music LLC (ASCAP).

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